Since 1884 Breitling has been a true pioneer in pilots watches. The brand invented the chronograph in its current form of two push-pieces that all other watch brands now use.



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Presenting the Breitling Emergency

Every day, we face some sort of menace, and no commute, conference or conversation is free from danger. Granted, the Breitling Professional Emergency timepiece won’t alleviate these concerns in the slightest – but it can get you out of all sorts of scrapes.

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Breitling Navitimer Automatic Stainless Steel Mens Watch

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Today, using their highly developed knowledge and expertise Breitling continue to craft exceptional sports watches that are naturally durable and make a real statement on the wrist.
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It is no coincidence that Breitling is now instantly recognisable as a leader in the production of highly technical watches and chronographs. Ever since Léon Breitling opened his workshop in the Swiss Jura in 1884, the brand has devoted itself to creating precision instruments for leading professionals.

1984 saw the birth of the Chronomat, which has gone on to become Breitling’s leading model. From 2009 all Chronomat models have been powered by the Breitling B01, the brands first fully in-house movement. Breitling now offer a 5 year warranty on watches fitted with their in-house B01 & B04 movements on purchases made from January 2012.