TAG Heuer TWG EXclusive

The Heuer Formula 1 TWG Exclusive Mens Watch

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch Gallery limited edition watch marks the creation of the latest exclusive partnership between TAG Heuer and leading luxury online retailer, The Watch Gallery.

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The TAG Heuer Formula 1 TWG Limited Edition

- Editorial -

It doesn’t take a genius to find the correlation between the worlds of racing and watches. The easy connection to make is obvious; if you’re lapping an opponent by a hundredth of a second, it takes a pretty serious piece of timekeeping equipment to keep you up to speed. But there’s also far more between the industries of watchmaking and racing than first comes to mind.


The Piaget Polo S Collection

- Editorial -

If you’re interested in fine watches, you’ll know that Piaget are a serious manufacture with excellent credentials in the horological world. They’ve several notable achievements, such as developing the ultra-thin 9P movement in 1957, and being among the first of the fine watch brands to use the Beta-21 movement.


The Bremont ALT1-C Watch Gallery Limited Edition

- Editorial-

We at The Watch Gallery have a long and illustrious history of working in step with brands to bring you the very best limited edition collaborative timepieces, and this wonderful piece of Watch Gallery history continues on that tradition.