U-Boat was founded in 1942 out of necessity, with founder, Ilvo Fontana, commissioned by the Italian Navy to create new timepieces specifically for its pilots.


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As black timepieces increasingly dictate the order of the day, we’re celebrating a return to the Dark Age (minus the disease, general cultural deterioration and wife-snatching barbarians). Gents, get ready to black out this eve with The Watch Gallery.

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To this day, U-Boat pays due reference to Fontana by continuing to produce well-engineered timepieces inspired by the Italian design of Italy's finest master craftsman.


Original U-BOAT designer Ilvo Fontana was commissioned by the Italian Government in 1942 to design a watch for use by pilots of the Italian navy. His plan was to produce a watch with an emphasis on high visibility, as he knew the pilots would encounter low light and bad weather conditions.

Unfortunately his dream was never realised and the designs lost, until in the year 2000 Ilvo’s grandson Italo decided to develop the U-BOAT watch as a tribute to his grandfather. Though based on the original designs, slight alterations have been made to make U-BOAT as we know it today; namely large, sturdy watches with bold designs.