Passionate about the military watch history Bell & Ross have created functional watches for professional users in this field. Reinventing watch design, inspiration is taken from instruments on flight dashboards and to form the creative detailing of each timepiece.


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Bell & Ross: Once Upon A Time In The Sky

Famous for their strapline “from the cockpit to the wrist,” Bell & Ross is known for its iconic aviation collection which is a best seller amongst fans.

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Bell & Ross

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Each range from Bell & Ross corresponds to five time periods in the history of aviation, which is differentiated by design and colour. Every timepiece sports ultimate precision, technicality and style synonymous to its era.


Founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos Rosillo (Ross), Bell & Ross is a French – Swiss company that produce watches designed for professionals. All pieces must meet four essential criteria – legibility, performance, precision and water resistance.

The Company was the dream of a group of designers and aircraft control specialists that came together to create watches specifically designed for military and professional use. Bell & Ross watches are extremely hard wearing and designs are based on genuine aviation instrumentation.

Bell and Ross have been are now renowned worldwide for crafting highly durable, contemporary timepieces capable of operating in even the most demanding of environments.